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The 60th Anniversary of the Great Victory

Certain events in the history of mankind will never be forgotten, regardless of the years passed by. Such challenges directly influence the course of history changing lives of millions throughout the planet. The victory over the Nazis in 1945 by right ranks among such events. The world was spared from the Black Death which spreading might have triggered endless disasters on Earth, bigger than all epidemics together.

Belarusian people made a priceless contribution to the liberation of the mankind from the fascism. Almost 1,100 million Belarusians heroically fought at the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, almost half a million were united in guerilla and underground groups. Over 530 Belarusians, including 118 residents of Gomel oblast, were given honorary titles of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Feats of arms of such Heroes of the Soviet Union as Major-General P.Y. Golovacheva, Lieutenant-General A.I. Lizukov and Colonel P.I. Lisukov will never be forgotten. Both brothers gave their lives for the Fatherland. Their third brother, chief of the guerilla group of the Minsk branch n.a. Dzerzhinsky E.I Lizukov also perished at the battlefield. Their names as well as the names of the Heroes of the Soviet Union K.N. Osipov, V.F. Mukhin, P.Y. Gelman and many others are commemorated in the names of the streets of the town of Gomel, written in the memorials. The memory of those who fell during the war lives in the monuments and obelisks in towns and villages all over the country, in museum exhibitions, in the "Pamiat" historic-documental chronicle published in all regions of Gomel oblast.