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The sports history of Gomel Oblast starts with the associations “Maccabi", "Unity" and "Sport” that were set up in the city in the first years after the revolution. A stadium with a football field and a running track was built in the Market Square of Gomel in 1929. Later on the city built sports halls and a stadium in place of Maximovsky Park (now Tsentralny Stadium).

Sports clubs in aquatics, cycling, shooting, athletics and in sports games were established in the city afterwards. Then the adult soccer teams "Spartak”, “First Sport”, “Unity”, children's soccer teams were set up.

In the 1930s much attention was paid to the development of physical education and sports in the countryside.

The country’s first club in rowing was established in Gomel in 1949 by S. Mikhailov, who became the first Olympian among Belarusian athletes-rowers at the 15th Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952. His student L. Geyshtor won the Second Soviet Union Spartakiade (1959), and in 1960, became the champion of the 17th Olympic Games in Rome.

Athletes from the town of Rogachev made good achievements in this sport too. The children’s and youth sports school opened there in 1956. N. Gorbachev, a student of sports coach Vladimir Stanibula, became the champion of the Soviet Union and master of sports of international class. He won a gold medal at the Fifth Summer Games of the Peoples of the USSR, and two months before the Olympics he won the national championship and a license to the Olympic Games in Munich, where he became an Olympic champion. Now N. Gorbachev is in charge of the youth school of Olympic reserve in the town of Rogachev.

A. Kaplan was the first from Gomel residents to win the title of master of sports of international class. He was the champion of the Third Soviet Union Spartakiade, winner of the international Greco-Roman wrestling tournament in Poland.

Master of sports of international class, I. Petrenko is a many-time prize winner of European Championships, participant Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney.

Honored Master of Sports B. Kopytov is a four-time winner of European Championships, World Championships, the participant of the Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney.

The first climbing and mountaineering club headed by L. Shmarov was set up in Gomel in 1978. Gomel mountaineers climbed every 7,000th mountain peak in the former Soviet Union. In 1988, climbers D. Bychkov and A. Savich took part in the world rock climbing championship.

In the 1980s - early 1990's Gomel boxers did well in the Soviet Union and international competitions.

Sport in Gomel Oblast today is a big industry with facilities, scientific support and professionals. The region develops 52 types of sports. The city boasts an array of stadiums, gyms, swimming pools and mini-pools in kindergartens. In recent years, many sports facilities have sprang up in the city. They are considered among the best in the country: the Ice Palace, the team sports center, Tsentralny football stadium.

Gomel sportsmen have written glorious pages into the sports history of Belarus. For many times they have participated in Olympics, world championships and European championships, bringing back medals. At the Olympic Games in Athens Gomel sportsmen won five medals, the largest number of medals earned for the national team.

Everything has been created to train elite sportsmen in the region.
The Gomel state college of Olympic reserve was founded in 1971 and trains coaches in various kinds of sports. It has trained 11 honored masters of sports, 80 international masters of sports. 44 graduates have participated in Olympic Games, world championships and European championships, winning a total of 152 medals.

Founded in 1977, the Gomel Oblast sports excellence school is truly the forge of sportsmen for the national team of Belarus. The school is divided into 11 departments: boxing, judo, Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling, canoeing and kayaking, boat racing, track and field athletics, modern pentathlon, cycling, swimming and freestyle skiing.

Since 1963 college No. 4 of Olympic reserve for children and the youth has been training sportsmen in trampolining, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, and mat-tumbling. Among its graduates are over 250 masters of sports, 25 international masters of sports. Its students have been in 33 countries, have been winners and prize winners of world championships and European championships 97 times. Two graduates have taken part in Olympic Games.

The Gomel equestrian and modern pentathlon school is well-known in Belarus and abroad. It has trained an entire constellation of sportsmen and winners of various competitions.

Located in the town of Kommunar, Buda-Koshelevo District, the cycling sports school for children and the youth is proud of its graduates. The national team includes nine graduates, four sportsmen have taken part in many world championships, and ten graduates have become masters of sports.

Members of the Gomel Dynamo club are leaders in various sports competitions in Belarus.

The Gomel oblast branch of the Belarusian physical training and sports society Dynamo includes over 11,000 people. Dynamo unites 83 physical training teams of law enforcement and security agencies.

In 2005 sportsmen of the organization won 11 medals at championships, cups and world championships and European championships. These results were secured thanks to better physical infrastructure of Dynamo’s oblast organization. For instance, the regional budget allocated over Br200 million for it in 2005. Some of the money was used to repair the cycling facilities of sports school No. 1 of the Olympic reserve for children and the youth.

Gomel Oblast devotes much attention to the development of physical education and sports. There are all kinds of sports clubs, gyms and classes for healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. Gomselmash sport club is one of the best sport facilities in the region. Coaches do their utmost to encourage young people to go in for sport.

Gomel has good facilities to host international competitions. Russian, Ukrainian and Baltic athletes partake in boxing, ice hockey Greco-Roman wrestling tournaments. The Friendship tournament gathers together chess and draught players from Belarusian Gomel Oblast, Russian Bryansk Oblast and Ukrainian Chernihiv Oblast. Gomel also plays host to the annual international athletics competition “Bells of Chernobyl”.

Sport and tourism are integral parts of outdoor activities. Gomel Oblast has promoted local tourism and created necessary infrastructure to attract foreigners.

The main tourist route of the region is the Golden Ring of Gomel Oblast which covers nine cities and towns of the region, namely Gomel, Mozyr, Vetka, Loyev, Rechitsa, Turov. By taking this route you will get familiar with a primitive men site, cultural heritage of the Principality of Turov, other architectural and natural sites.

Industrial enterprises, educational establishments and other organizations operate tourism sections and clubs, sponsor competitions. Gomel Oblast’s teams partake in the national championships and become prize-winners of various tourism competitions.

Gomeltourist is the biggest tour operator of the region. It has provided recreation and excursion services for 40 years.

Gomeltourist operates the Tourist Hotel, the Sozh tourism and recreational facility, travel agencies in Gomel, Mozyr, Rechitsa, Svetlogorsk.

Main tourist attractions of Gomel Oblast are the Palace and Park Ensemble in the city of Gomel and the Pripyatsky National Park.