Address: 2 Lenin Avenue, Gomel, 246050, Belarus
Main Science and education Schools and lyceums

Schools and lyceums

Gomel oblast has:
- 650 secondary schools (including 4 lyceums and 16 gymnasia);
- 580 preschool facilities;
- 901 specialized classes enrolling more than 28,000 students;
- special educational programs cover 62 perсent (in 2002 – 43.1 percent) of high school students and 47 per cent of 1st to 8th grade students (in 2002 -23.5 percent).

Some 273 educational establishments in the oblast focus on introducing new technology in education in 2005.2006 academic years.
Ten schools and preschool establishments are republican experimental sites to test new education contents.

Informatization of education system

- every educational establishment of the oblast has a computer class, thus meeting the state social standard (1 computer per 30 students)
- a telecommunication corporate network of the educational system in the oblast unites 115 remote clients, email is available;
- 74 percent of educational establishments provide Internet excess.

Working with talented kids

In 2005 the oblast settled for the 3rd place in nationwide Olympiads in school subjects;
- more than 15 thousand high school students compete in the city, regional and oblast-wide Olympiads every year
- for the recent five years the oblast team has been winning prizes in informatics Olympiad;

In 1998 the oblast executive committee instituted a special fund on social support of intellectually talented young people. Every year 50 best students of schools, gymnasiums, vocational colleges, teachers’ training colleges are awarded with money prizes. The prize has been given to a total of 300 young people.

In March 2004 the oblast executive committee instituted annual prizes to teachers who train students to prize-winning places of the final stage of the republican Olympiad in school subjects.