Address: 2 Lenin Avenue, Gomel, 246050, Belarus
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Gomel Oblast Religion

There are 330 religious communities in Gomel oblast representing 14 religions.

There are 164 Orthodox communities and 3 monasteries registered in the oblast which use 121 churches.

Another 20 chuches are under construction. The Orthodox community is the biggest in terms of the believers. It fulfills an important mission of disseminating moral values and preserving cultural traditions.

There are 17 Roman-Catholic, 139 Protestant and 6 Jewish communities in Gomel oblast; 220 places of worship which belong to various religious communities.

There are 82 Sunday schools of various religious communities functioning in the oblast. Ever more people attend religious communities and partake in their activities; religious organizations are stepping up their missionary and social efforts.

Some 164 Orthodox communities and the Gomel-Zhlobin and Turov-Mozyr diocesan administrations operate in the oblast.

The biggest number of Orthodox congregations functions in the Gomel, Zhlobin, Lelchitsy, Mozyr regions and the town of Gomel.

One of the most influential religions in the oblast is the Roman-Catholic Church. As of May 1, 2005 there were 17 Roman-Catholic communities which featured 8 priests with 6 of them being foreigners.

These communities make up 5.3 per cent in the total number of religious communities in the oblast. This is the lowest figure in the republic (8.9 per cent – in the Mogilev oblast, 7.3 per cent – in the city of Minsk). The biggest number of such communities functions in the Narovlya and Petrikov regions.