Address: 2 Lenin Avenue, Gomel, 246050, Belarus
Main Culture and art Culture


The Gomel oblast library named after Lenin

The Gomel oblast library n.a. Lenin was established in 1928. The construction of the main building of the library was built in 1961. In September 2001 an extension to the library with the area of 1,440 square meters was added. The library has become one of the biggest cultural centers of the republic. It has a considerable informational potential: its book stocks comprise 980,000 books. The readership of the library amounts to about 60,000 people. The private book collection, earlier owned by Duke Paskevich, is a pearl of the library. The collection includes rare editions of the 16th -17th centuries.

The museum of folk arts in Vetka

The museum includes collections of icons, manuscripts and ancient books dated back to the 16th — early 20th centuries which were found on the territory of the Vetka region. The unique exhibits of the museum are the ancient books printed by Russian and Belarusian publishers Ivan Fedorov and Petr Mstislavets in 1574 and 1569. The museum exposition was opened in 1987 in the ex-manor house of the 19th century. Along with religious objects the museum presents a rich ethnographic collection, which comprises samples of traditional weaving and embroidery, national costume and house utensils. A new exposition was opened in 2001 after the restoration and rebuilding of the museum.

The branch of the museum which is located in Kirova street, 8 in Gomel is headed by Honored Figure of Culture of the Republic of Belarus Galina Nechaeva.

Gomel oblast philharmonic

The Gomel oblast philharmonic has been functioning since 1967. Several famous musical collectives grew up here, such as "Siabry" (conducted by People’s Artist of the Republic of Belarus Yarmolenko), chamber choir (organized and conducted by Honored Figure of Culture of the Republic of Belarus Lukomsky, and since 1989 — by conductor Sokolov).

At the moment there are 11 collectives and individual performers in the philharmonic. Children’s theatre "Vyrastajka" directed by V. Yurlov is very popular among children and teenagers.

Every year the oblast philharmonic organizes more than 1,000 concerts in towns and districts of the oblast, as well as the oblast festivals of arts "Gomel Spring", "Christmas Meetings with Music", regional festival "Musical Polesye", international festivals "Belarusian Musical Autumn", "The Guitar Renaissance". Over 60 concerts have been organized with the participation of foreign collectives and individual artists.

Gomel circus

Cultural entertaining complex "Gomel Circus" was established in 1972. The circus welcomed the most famous circus artists of the former USSR, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Mongolia, Czechia, Germany, China, Yugoslavia, etc.

In 1982 the circus (the first among 69 stationary circuses of the former USSR) was awarded the title "Exemplary Enterprise" of the All-Union Lenin’s Order Association “Soyuzgostsirk”. The circus seats 1,500 people. Director of the circus is Honored Figure of Culture of the Republic of Belarus Yakov Lobovich.

"Gomel oblast drama theatre"

Lenin square, 1, Gomel, tel. 53-15-62

Director — Honored Art Worker Valentina Rogovskaya,

tel. 53-51-43

Deputy director –Sergey Gulchin,

tel. 53-41-22

“Gomel oblast philharmonic”

Sovetskaya street, 32, Gomel 

tel. 53-40-40

Director –Victor Gutyra,

tel. 55-21-56

Deputy director –Sergey Lepeshkin,

tel. 55-91-34

“Gomel oblast museum of local studies”

Pushkin street, 32, Gomel, tel. 55-93-39

Director – Konstantin Mischenko,

tel. 53-95-61

Deputy director –Vladimir Litvinov,

tel. 53-64-76

“Gomel art college named after N. Sokolovsky”

Sovetskaya street, 18, Gomel, tel. 53-73-70

Director – Sergey Salygov,

tel. 55-73-70

Deputy director –Eugeny Shevchenko,

tel. 55-83-05

“Gomel college of fine arts”

Bogdanovicha str. 20a, Gomel, tel. 54-32-83

Director – Alexander Fedotov,

tel. 54-32-83

Deputy director – Valentin Pokatashkin,

tel. 54-54-79

“Mozyr musical college”

Ryzhkova str., 37, Mozyr, tel. 2-20-33

Director – Vladimir Mikhailovich Ryzhy,

tel. 2-20-33

Deputy director – Tamara Ivanovna Tychkova,

tel. 2-04-64

“Gomel oblast library named after Lenin”

Victory square, 2a, Gomel, tel. 77-36-51

Director – Valentina Dubrova,

tel. 77-36-51

Deputy director –Nadezhda Mareeva,

tel. 77-46-21

“Gomel oblast center of folk arts”

Kirova str., 49, Gomel , tel. 53-61-73

Director – Nikolay Shemshenia,

tel. 53-61-73

Deputy director – Ella Khlystunova,

tel. 53-61-73