Address: 2 Lenin Avenue, Gomel, 246050, Belarus
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Business and finance

Banking System

Belarus has a two-level banking system: the National Bank and business banks. According to the national legislation, banks can have 100% foreign capital, joint charter fund. Foreign banks can open their branches and representative offices in the country. Foreign legal entities have the right to open bank accounts in national and foreign currency.

There are a total of 27 business banks in the republic, including one branch of a foreign bank and eight joint banks. The biggest business banks are Belvnesheconombank, Belarusbank, Belagroprombank, Belpromstrojbank, Рriorbаnk, Belbusinessbank.

In Gomel oblast Belarusbank has 25 offices, Belagroprombank – 23, Belpromstrojbank – 10, Belinvestbank – 8, Belvnesheconombank – 4 and Priorbank – 3. Belarusian Industrial Bank, SlavNefteBank, Zolotoy Taler Bank – have one office each.

Belgosstrakh is a leading insurance company of the republic.