Address: 2 Lenin Avenue, Gomel, 246050, Belarus
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Great attention has been given lately to reviving and preserving traditional Gomel oblast culture. An increasing number of bands emerge every year many of whom have already been distinguished with titles “people’s” and “exemplary”.

Such dances as Lyavonikha, Charot and Metelitsa staged by People’s Artist of Belarus, choreographer and director Alexander Rybalchenko have become classical choreography of Belarus. He was the first to make a dance company in Belarus which was titled “people’s” in 1960.

One of the oldest folk groups of Gomel oblast – Ozerschina folk choir (Rechitsa region) - was created by distinguished figure of arts of Belarus T. Lopatina before the Great Patriotic War. The culture center of the ancient Turov gave a start in life to the dance company “Pripyat”. The group has starred in numerous movies, won many festival diplomas o. In 1974 the company was awarded the title “people’s”. The song and dance company “Dnieper” was organized in the culture center in Rechitsa more than 40 years ago. The song and dance company “Gomii” set up in 1982 (the leader P. Sverdlov) won the hearts of spectators from its first days while its leader – the title “distinguished figure of culture of the Republic of Belarus”.  The group revives old folk dances and rites. The group “Radunitsa” was set up in 1989 in the Mozyr regional cultural center. It is a prizewinner of republican and international festivals.